"Speak Up" Journals

“Speak Up” is GPB’s quarterly Journal of our latest thinking in our specialist areas. It shares some of our experiences in interesting and informative articles. From time-to-time we invite guests and clients to write articles on something topical, to add variety to the mix.


Speak Up: 45th Edition

Speak Up: 45th Edition Here is our latest GPB journal packed with a wealth of information and good hands-on tips and tricks from the world of communications, presentations, business development.  Please write back if you wish to comment and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it. In this edition: Similes, metaphors and analogies: By Andrew Richards […]

Speak Up: 44th Edition

Speak Up: 44th Edition In this edition: Note Bashing or tweaking By Alastair Grant Twang the vocal chords to tweak your presentations Rhyme or reason By Lynda Russell-Whitaker If twanging doesn’t grab you, maybe tongue twisters will Happy rhetorical Winterval By Ewan Pearson Should we embrace new words or shun them? There’s a prize bottle […]

Speak Up: 43rd Edition

Speak Up: 43rd Edition In this edition: The New Alexander Technique by Penny Dash Penny responds to Simon Boughey’s media article with some general advice Who mirrors, who matches? By Ewan Pearson Adaptation of salespeople to their clients is often far from ideal. Body Talk By Tim Farish How the right type of emotion can […]

Speak Up: 42nd Edition

Speak Up: 42nd Edition In this Edition:It’s a hack’s life By Simon Boughey Journalists are often sadly misunderstood – an insider’s view What’s in a face? Quite a lot actually By Tim Farish An insight into Professor Eckman’s FACS To Russia with a mission By Alastair Grant There are opportunities to be made if you […]

Speak Up: 41st Edition

Speak Up: 41st Edition Here is our 41st journal edition. It is designed as an ongoing coaching tool for our clients and is packed with a wealth of information and good hands-on tips and tricks from the world of communications, presentations, negotiations and business development. Please write back if you wish to comment or add […]

Speak Up: 40th Edition

Speak Up: 40th Edition In this Edition:The Queen speaks    By Carl Schreiter Carl examines the most British of Christmas traditions. A tale of two speeches By Alastair Grant    The art of formal and informal speech making. Plane Speaking By Tim Farish Tim looks at how mitigating speech can be dangerous Do it matter wot I […]

Speak Up: 39th Edition

Speak Up: 39th Edition In this Edition: Appreciate the Situation or Situate the Appreciation    By Alastair Grant Getting the balance right between intution and logic. The science of persuasion: Part 2: Music and Dance By Tim Farish   Science can give you an edge when communicating. Tim shares some of the better known and more esoteric […]

Speak Up: 38th Edition

Speak Up: 38th Edition In this Edition: Fortune favours the…canny  By Richard Byford Our guest writer looks at how cost saving can be expensive “Sing, sing a song”  By Ewan Pearson Ewan summarises the key findings of GPB’s latest voice research. Brevity, Clarity & Persuasion  By Alastair Grant Do you say what you mean? Alastair […]

Speak Up: 37th Edition

Speak Up: 37th Edition In this Edition: “I wish the meeting had been as good as the lunch” By Carl Schreiter Tired of long ineffective meetings? Carl looks at ways to make them work better for you and your business. So, what does that do for me?  By Tim Farish Tim looks at how considering […]

Speak Up: 36th Edition

Speak Up: 36th Edition In this Edition: The philosophers puzzle A taxing puzzle for you to ponder over the plum pudding with. The art of negotiating – Part 2: Pressures and tactics  By Tim Farish Tim Farish concludes his negotiation master class looking at how to close that deal successfully. Be Creative with PowerPoint  By […]

Speak Up: 35th Edition

Speak Up: 35th Edition In this Edition: Hard graft or hard luck  By Ewan Pearson Ewan Pearson explains how preparing for a pitch can be hard work but blood, sweat and tears can reap hefty rewards… ‘Congratulations…now get a job’  By Alastair Grant With many parents concerned over their children’s future Alastair Grant goes back […]

Speak Up: 34th Edition

Speak Up: 34th Edition In this Edition: “Ouch!” How to avoid ‘Cold Buttons’ By Tim Farish Ever been bored silly during a presentation with excessive statistics and cliché phrases?  Tim Farish provides some top tips on how to avoid these and other ‘Cold Buttons’ and keep the audience interested. You say ‘Smorgasbord’, I say ‘What?’  By Carl […]