Negotiation Skills

Stuffed BATNA with all the trimmings, please! by Alistair Grant

A full helping of BATNA may be just what you and the UK need this coming year BATNA is an ugly acronym, perhaps conjuring up thoughts of some dubious foreign dish made of unknown ingredients. It is actually is an acronym developed by Harvard University’s Negotiation Project, and in particular work by Roger Fisher and […]

Illuminating negotiating, by Richard Keith

After Alastair’s mainly philosophical article, here are some more practical tips for the thrust and parry of negotiating. Some have argued that life itself is one long negotiation. Balancing our desires with the desires of others is a daily occurrence that often requires skilful communication. Post-Brexit, the UK is now beginning one of the most […]

The Fourth Doll, by Alastair Grant

In 2007 I wrote an article on negotiation based on idea of the three Russian Dolls. But I now think there is a fourth one. So, what has prompted this radical change of view?! Well, it’s down to a recent negotiation of my own, rather than any client work. A close relative of mine, in her […]

Three Dimensional Emphasis

By Ewan Pearson One thing that makes a good voice stand out from an average voice is in how the speaker uses their voice to give emphasis to the content they are presenting. When you hear it, it’s natural but powerful. So what ARE they doing differently? We have over the past decade conducted many […]

I object!

We handle objections all the time both at work and at home. But how skilled are we at handling them and does it matter anyway? In a business setting with a prospect it could be a pivotal point. Objections may be just a way for the prospect client to test you; at least it shows […]

The total opposite or total opposition?

By Guest Author Andrew Richards Why don’t people mean what they say? Why do they so often speak ironically, in riddles, or with double meanings? Is this wasted communication, simply using up words that fill an imaginary void? I can’t really say why people use these disingenuous phrases but it really helps if you can […]

Push or Pull – what influencing technique should we use?

By Tim Farish The days of the authoritarian boss are fading fast and instead contemporary leaders and business people are increasingly recognising that they cannot simply tell others what to do. As tempting as it may seem to use good, old-fashioned authority as the main tool of influencing, other skills are now required by the […]

Difficult conversations made a little easier

By Tim Farish Most of us, if we’re honest, put having difficult conversations near the very bottom of our to-do list. If you’re like me it’s probably next to ‘lose weight’ or ‘get fitter’ and dealt with the same conviction: poorly and inconsistently. Like most things we put off, there is a very good reason […]